A draft Ministerial Regulation on Weight Bearing Capacity, Resistance, Durability of Building and its Supporting Ground for Vibration of Earthquake B.E. …. reviewed and revised by the Council of State was proposed to and approved by the Cabinet (“Ministerial Regulations”) in which it focuses on determining the risk in regard to an earthquake, types of building that shall be concerned on vibration resistance from the earthquake and improving principles of the weight bearing capacity, resistance and durability of building for supporting earthquake vibration. There are various important points specified in the Ministerial Regulation as follows:

  1. Revising and adding the definitions of areas where those can be affected by the earthquake vibration dividing into 3 levels (i.e., area 1: ordinary level of earthquake vibration, area 2:  mid-level of earthquake vibration and area 3: high-level of earthquake vibration)
  2. Adding the definitions of planner and plan calculator.
  3. Amending the building-planning processes that the planner shall consider for the building’s plan based on each area according to item a. For example, the planner of the building located at area 3 shall consider architectural components consisting of stability and indestructibility.
  4. Amending the building-planning process and building-construction calculation in that the planner and plan calculator of the building located at area 2 or 3 have to arrange for the whole structure, its details and joining parts according to the ministerial regulation and rules and regulations prescribed by the relevant authorities. In the case that ministerial regulation and rules and regulations prescribed by the relevant authorities have not yet been announced. The plan and plan calculation for construction of building shall be prescribed by the licensed engineering juristic person. In any case, the licensed engineering juristic person has to engage the engineer with B.Eng. (Civil Engineering) complied with the Engineer Act B.E. 2542 as its consultant who has an authority to certificate such calculation.

Author: Panisa Suwanmatajarn and Parita Preamsawat