Data privacy and the banning of TikTok

Asia IP : Data privacy and the banning of TikTok

“Most social media services – if not all – are free to use, even though the costs are high in rendering those services”

“The critical point is that users are well-informed about these collections before they are collected, and they have the choice of avoiding them or not,”

“If TikTok is the only service provider that is banned for the reason of collecting personal data and user experience, what about other service providers that are doing the same as TikTok is doing?”

“While Thailand does have PDPA in place, the Thai regulator will diligently enforce the law and does not take a defensive approach like many other regulators, who are waiting for an injured person to file a complaint or only enforce matters in the news”

“Nowadays, not all government agencies have a proper system for communicating internally for confidential matters and externally for services at large. Some are using foreign-owned systems to communicate”

Panisa Suwanmatajarn said in Asia IP, Data privacy and the banning of TikTok on 31 July 2023.

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