Solutions to Develop Foreign Worker Management Services

As the numbers of foreign workers have been increased steadily in Thailand. However, the system and personnel to handle on the matters related to such foreigner works such as issuing of visa and work permit, notification of such foreign workers and related procedures have not been suitable, up-to-date and it also creates time-consuming to all related persons.

The Cabinet then has resolved in principle for the development of foreign worker management services as proposed by the Ministry of Labour by allowing an outsourcing service provider to manage and handle on the same. This can improve the foreign worker management services to be more systematic, convenient, modern and verifiable. Brief details of development of such foreign worker management services are as follows:

  1. Using an e-WorkPermitOS system instead of customary services for all processes in relation to issuing a work permit. It can be done via a smartphone or tablet by using mobile application.
  2. Arranging for 45 places for the e-WorkPermitOS information Center.
  3. Issuing the work permit in a plastic card and digital forms having QR-code and barcode.
  4. Providing services for 24 hours a day.
  5. Accumulating all data to be in a single database.
  6. Verifying all processes through single database.

The Ministry of Labour then is required to work together with all related authorities and then repropose this development of foreign worker management services to the Cabinet for its final approval.

Author: Panisa Suwanmatajarn and Parita Preamsawat

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