Withdrawal of the Draft Royal Decree One Stop Service Establishment

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The Cabinet has approved for withdrawal of a draft Royal Decree on One Stop Service Establishment B.E …. (“Draft Act”) to establish a One Stop Service Center (“OSSC”) as proposed by the Office of the Public Sector Development Commission (“OPDC”)

The Draft Act was approved in principle by the Cabinet on 14 August 2018 and that the Draft Act currently under consideration and improvement. The Council of State has asked the OPDC to reconsider for its necessity. Therefore, the OPDC has reviewed and reconsidered withdrawing this Draft Act under the reasons as follows:

  1. Electronic mediums are applying and using at this moment in which people can access to the information anywhere and anytime. Besides, government agencies can link and exchange information among each other to use such information for approving and tracking the status of transactions  via electronic systems.
  2. Readiness for services in crisis (i.e. the covid-19 pandemic) matter, people may not be necessary to physically contact with the officers at specific locations, they can easily request services through online channels.
  3. The OSSC is a new government agency establishment that may not be consistent with the government service model focusing on using digital services, as well as inconsistent with the National Strategy that requires the government sector to be in a downsize form.
  4. The OPDC is in the process of improving the Licensing Facilitation Act B.E. 2558 (2015) and that it should be completely improved before considering the Draft Act.

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