Prohibition of Import, Export and Transit through the Kingdom of Trademark and Copyright Infringement Items

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On 4 January 2022, The Cabinet has approved in principle the Draft Announcement of the Ministry of Commerce on the Stipulation of Trademark and Copyright Infringement Goods are Prohibited to be Exported, Imported, and Transited Through the Kingdom B.E.  .… (“the Draft Announcement of Trademark and Copyright Infringement Goods”).

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The purpose of this Announcement of Trademark and Copyright Infringement Goods is to improve the mechanisms to prohibit exports, imports, as well as transits through the kingdom of goods infringing trademark and copyright in accordance with the current situation which seeks to prevent intellectual property infringement at border crossings more effectively. Also, this is consistent with relevant current situations, laws, and international obligations, i.e. the Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS Agreement) and the Reginal Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP). The main points of this Announcement of Trademark and Copyright Infringement Goods are as follows:

  • Trademark and copyright infringement goods shall be prohibited from exporting, importing, and transiting through the kingdom, except in the case of carry-on items that are not unreasonably large amount and not for the purpose of commercial use.
  • The owner of a trademark or copyright is able to inform information on its trademark or copyright to a customs officer in accordance with the rules, procedure, and conditions prescribed by the Customs Department for the avail of inspection of goods which is under reasonable consideration that it infringes trademark or copyright of such owner.

Therefore, the Customs Department is able to take steps to improve the related procedures to comply with relevant international agreements as well as facilitate the operators who act in good faith to be able to pass customs clearance quickly.

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