Business Incorporation and Relevant Registrations in Thailand

Business Incorporation and Relevant Registrations in Thailand

Setting up a company in Thailand requires at least 3 or more individuals to subscribe their shares at the incorporation stage. Then, such subscribers shall conduct a statutory meeting for a company establishment to appoint the director(s) of the company and hand over the business to the director(s). The director(s) shall call for shares subscription either in kind or in cash and register for incorporation within 3 months from the statutory meeting.

The company’s director(s) can be both Thai and foreigner. This does not affect the ownership of shares in the company or types of the company whether it is a Thai company or a foreign company under Thai law. However, in the event that the director(s) is a foreigner and receive salary from the company, this shall be considered as an employee who is required to apply for a work permit in order to work in Thailand legally.

Once the company has already been established and if the company has an employee, social security registration is required. In addition, if the company has its income more than 1,800,000 baht per year, the company is required to register for value added tax (VAT) number.

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Last but not least, other registrations or procedures may be required for any other specific types of business. For example, specific licenses are required for operating the restaurant business, securities business, tourism business, etc. The business owners need to seek consultation and check the relevant laws whether the business requires any other specific registrations or procedures.