Small Accommodations Be Legalized Under Hotel Business Operation Act 

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Small Accommodations Be Legalized Under Hotel Business Operation Act 

Present, many types of building (such as raft, container, tent, and etc.) are being converted into hotels, which are popular among visitors and guests, but its structure is contrary to the Hotel Act B.E. 2547 (2004). As a result, in order to have such buildings being eligible for obtaining the Hotel Business License and operating the hotel business, the Department of Provincial Administration has issued a Draft Ministerial Regulation for Defining Types and Guidelines on Hotel Business Operation (No. ..) B.E. …. (“Draft Hotel Business Operation”) creating special conditions of buildings and specifying safety standards appropriated for those kinds of building.

This Draft Hotel Business Operation aimed to amend and add the following matters:

  1. To define the conditions of restroom and bathroom for each type of building to be adequate for the number of guests and the size of the hotel, as well as in compliance with the related laws such as building control and entertainment place laws.
  2. The visible number in every bed for hostel business, as well as the quantity of restroom and bathroom must be appropriate with the number of guests for ease of service and guest safety.
  3. To define the documents using for such buildings to be in compliance with the building control and other relevant laws.

It is to be noted that the hotel business license granted before this Draft Ministerial Regulation becomes effective is still valid.