Long Term Resident Visa (LTR Visa)

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Long Term Resident Visa (LTR Visa)

  • Categorizing to be under the tourist visa
  • Aiming to attract foreigners with capacity of wealth and talent to contribute and generate income to Thailand’s domestic market and support the local economic growth subject to the relevant regulations.
  • Targeting size of the LTR visa is about 1 million of wealthy or talented foreigners who aim to get resident in the kingdom for the next 5 years.
  • Revocation of the LTR visa can be due to incompliance to the Ministry of Interior’s announcement and unable to meet with the qualifications as prescribed.
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Wealthy global citizens  1.       Owning at least 1 million USD assets globally; or
2.       Having at least 80,000 USD income for 2 years continuously; or at least 500,000 USD investment in assets in Thailand
Wealthy retirees  1.       Owning at least 80,000 USD assets globally; or in case of owning assets between 40,000 – 80,000 USD, they must invest in Thai property for at least 250,000 USD; or
2.       Having 50 years older with annual pension or stable income
Work-from Thailand professional  1.       Owning assets between 40,000 – 80,000 USD for 2 years continuously; or having at least master’s degree or owning intellectual property or receiving a series of funding; or
2.       Working for a SET-listed corporation or business operates for at least 3 years with total revenue of 150 million USD in the last 3 years; or
3.       Having at least 5 years of experience in the specified fields over the past 10 years.
Highly skilled professional  1.       Highly skilled professional holding of assets between USD 40,000 – 80,000 for 2 years continuously; or having at least a master’s degree in science and technology or having special expertise relevant to the job assignment in Thailand; or
2.       No work experience required for PhD degree in the relevant fields of the targeted industries; or
3.       Working in the business in any targeted industries with at least 5 years of experience 
Highly skilled professional working with government agencies  1.       No minimum personal income; or
2.       No work experience required; or
3.       Employing with higher educational institution, research institution, specialised training institution or Thai government agencies
Dependants  Spouse and children under 20 years old of LTR visa holder (maximum of 4 dependents in total per one LTR visa holder)  

Key privileges for LTR visa holders

  1. 10 years renewable visa.
  2. Fast track service at international airports in Thailand
  3. 90 days report extending to 1 year report and exemption of re-entry permit
  4. Permission to work in Thailand (digital work permit)
  5. Immigration and work permit facilitation service at one stop service center for visa and work permit

Relevant Authorities

Board of Investment, Immigration Bureau and Ministry of Labour.

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