New Regulation on Giving Gifts to or Receiving Gifts of Government Officials

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New Regulation on Giving Gifts to or Receiving Gifts of Government Officials

The Cabinet approved to a draft new Regulation on Giving Gifts to or Receiving Gifts from Government Officials (“Regulation”) to replace the existing regulation issued in B.E. 2544 (2001).

The objective of this Regulation is referring to Section 63 of the Constitutional Law of the Kingdom of Thailand, in that the State must promote, support, and educate people about the damage caused by corruption. As well as establish effective mechanisms to promote.

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Under this Regulation, the definition of the word “gift” shall mean money and property including any other benefits that may be considered as money. This includes privileges of discounting the price of property or services and any digital assets. A government official shall not give gifts to its superior or its family members; unless, it is a gift that is customarily given but does not have a value of more than Baht 3,000.

In case where family members of a government official receive any gift and later on the government official finds out that it was received in violation of this Regulation, such government official shall record details and report the same to its superiors within 30 days from the date of receipt. Such superior shall immediately order to return the gift to the giver. If it is not possible to return such gift, the agency of such official shall assume the ownership of such gift and retain it for a year.   After that, such gift shall be sold and become the property of the state. If any official violates this Regulation, it shall be penalized according to the Code of Ethics of Government Officials.

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